I am so glad, I’m so glad, I’m so glad
I was never a bloom inside your eyes
Never worth the effort of a statement.
No thread to the fabric of your ego.
So glad nobody cared if I thought
You were so damn pathetic.

I am so glad, I’m so glad, I’m so glad
I never got to meet the adversary
(Nor the absent man on my side)
For all I knew your heart were
Inherently cold
Were I not there to give it what it needed
So glad I never had the chance to learn
You were more. And I was more.

Girls in Hawaii - Changes

Sometimes i really wish coffee was a little something more.
That when I swallowed it I would feel this burning fire in my throat. Strong enough to burn all this guilt that I cannot shake off, that won’t swallow.
But it is never hot enough.

And I need you to trust
That I’m lost and we must
Get past all these rules
We must choose
To reach out and touch



Notice how I never
handed you the body
of that small bird.

The room burst into flight
like a pillow fight, but
with knives.

You remind me why
I keep myself
to myself.

Seeing TRUST on thursday night yeaaa


Just saw The Maze Runner En Primeur and oh my god was it good. It was so damn gooood

Listen to Octave Minds’s symphonic debut album
Listen to Octave Minds’s symphonic debut album

What a story

Don’t know if you read french. But damn that’s good advice isnt it.
Don’t get pregnant, girls, it’s not the ONLY way to have fun!

friends and fractals


i was me

i’m her

i’ll be them

the next day

following that
i’ll be you, specifically -

looking at this

what’s up with

by then,
i won’t be
anyone at all

but here.

I cannot help
inhaling the room seven times
for every exhale that excapes
in your direction

And rising with the sun,
I pick up after myself ; secrets
spilled like a last meal
with the conviction that I was to set
with the sun

WTF Should I Do With My Life?
WTF Should I Do With My Life?